New Food Allergy Information Kiosk at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

I just read about Walt Disney World’s latest project, the new “Garden Kiosk.”  Check out the article here.  The kiosk is set to open in just a few weeks at Animal Kingdom, and seems to be Disney’s latest attempt to lend a hand to those with food allergies (I’ll let it go that they lump every food issue/intolerance into the category of “allergy”).

The aim of the kiosk is to let guests ask questions about food and dining while in the Animal Kingdom park.  That all sounds great, but you can always do this at a restaurant, right?  Maybe.  I think there is something to be said for being able to ask these questions (and get answers!) before you commit to a restaurant.  I know I sometimes feel pressured once I’m in the restaurant, and so maybe figuring out what I could eat in advance could help keep me from reverting to “I’ll have the salmon.”

Hubby and I at Animal Kingdom in 2010

Hubby and I at Animal Kingdom in 2010

The thing I really like about the new kiosks is actually not the Q&A with a well-meaning Disney castmember (Disney peeps, did I get that right?) at all.  Instead, I’m super pumped they will be offering some packaged snacks that sound like they may be a tad….dare I say it….healthier than other theme park food. reports that there will be “hummus [,] vegetables, granola bars, chips, popcorn and a gluten-free beer.”  Now, even with my gluten and dairy intolerance I still tend to eat well at Disney restaurants, especially the fancier sit down places.  Snacks, on the other hand, are always a disaster for me!

Meals = Gluten free, dairy free eggs & Mickey Waffles!

Meals = Gluten free, dairy free eggs & Mickey Waffles!

Seriously, every snack stand seems to sell only popcorn, chips, and ice-cream! Or is it just me? Yes, I do know there is the occasional stand with apples and bananas…but having the option of something that’s more than just fruit, like hummus or granola bars, is seriously appealing to me.

So, what do you think?  Is Disney making strides for those with food issues?  Would you visit the new kiosk?

5 responses to “New Food Allergy Information Kiosk at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

  1. I love this! When ever I go out, I always stock my bag with fruit, Kind bars or nuts because there are never any healthy options. The ballpark in my area just opened a healthy food stand that offers wraps, salads, hummus and pita and carbonated water. I love it! It is great to see the movement towards healthier options.

  2. Oof. I know where you’re coming from. Sometimes you just want a different snack as opposed to fruit. I’ve just relied on myself in these situations, packing foods into ziploc bags/containers and bringing them with me.

    Have you ever tried unsweetened dried mango? It’s literally like the fruit-leather and tastes amaaazing. It’s like candy to me right now lol

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