Super Satisfying Turkey Quesadillas

Everyone loves quesadillas, but fried bread and cheese isn’t exactly the healthiest meal.  They’re also a really hard meal to enjoy when you’re on a gluten free or dairy free diet.  So I like to skip Applebees and make my own healthy, gluten free, dairy free easy quesadillas at home.

I start with ground turkey to make them super satisfying, then add the fun fillings.  I love black beans, corn, peppers, and onions.  Sometimes I’ll even take the time to sauté an onion on it’s own in a bit of olive oil before I add it to the ‘dilla.  I love it! The hubby, maybe not so much. ;)  You could also take a page out of Tina’s book (err, blog) and use any leftover sweet potato hanging out in your fridge.  It sounds crazy, but a bit of mashed sweet potato or mashed sweet potato wedges, combined with the cheese in the quesadilla is awesome!  Add a little taco seasoning and Daiya cheddar cheese and you have a complete, well rounded meal in your skillet.  And a delicious one at that!

turkey quesadillas

Serves: 4, or two very hungry elephants

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes



1 lb lean ground turkey

1 can black beans, drained

1 cup corn

1 cup peppers and onions

2 cups dairy free cheddar cheese (I like Daiya)

2 tbsp olive oil

1 packet gluten free taco seasoning

4 gluten free tortillas (I like Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas, they heat really well!)



In a medium-high heat pan, heat your olive oil.  Brown the turkey until it is no longer pink.  I like to season the turkey itself with a sprinkling of pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder.  You could always skip this step since you’re going to season your quesadillas later on.

Spray your frying pans or griddle with some cooking spray, and heat them to medium-high.  Add the tortillas and top with as much turkey, beans, corn, peppers, and onions as you like.  Sprinkle each tortilla with a bit of taco seasoning.  I like to sprinkle the taco seasoning on the quesadilla fillings itself, because I find I get more taste than when I use it just on the meat.  This way, I season the meat a bit, then season the whole thing with the taco seasoning.  Double the flavor!  Heat until the cheese starts to melt.  Fold over, and you’re done!

It’s a super simple and satisfying dinner, full of protein, fiber, whole grains and veggies.


sweet potato dillas photo

Do you like quesadillas?  Do you ever make them at home?

8 responses to “Super Satisfying Turkey Quesadillas

  1. I have used mashed sweet potato as the ‘cheese’ of my quesadilla before and really liked it! mashed sweet potato, corn, bell peppers if i have them on hand, black beans and spinach is one of my favorite combinations!

  2. Wow, those look GOOD! I am thinking they would be tasty made with seasoned tempeh!! I will have to give this a try when I am feeling “lazy” and do not want to put much effort into cooking ;).

  3. This sounds incredible. Note to self: don’t read eatlikeanelephant recipes when you’re already hungry!!

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