What I Ate Wednesday: Mahi Mahi Edition

Hello and happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Real life distracted me a bit from the blogosphere earlier this week, but not enough to bypass WIAW! There’s something fun about taking note of what I eat on a given day, and then heading over to Jenn’s blog and checking out what everyone else was up to.  It’s always good for some new ideas!


In the morning, I woke up starving.  I was way too hungry to even wait for eggs to scramble so along with my tea I made a quick bowl of oatmeal with ground flax seeds and cacao nibs.  The cacao nibs really make this breakfast taste special and the flax seeds keep me full.


Mid-morning I had a smoothie made with vanilla protein powder, seltzer, frozen pineapple, and frozen strawberries.  The pineapple makes it taste fun and tropical!

For lunch I had leftovers from the previous night’s dinner: turkey sloppy joes with pinto beans, corn, and broccoli roasted with with olive oil, pepper, and garlic.  I wound up saving about half of the sloppy joes and having them again for a mid-afternoon snack.  Hey, I’m a fan of leftovers.  Healthy, easy, and already sitting in my fridge. Sold.

sloppy joes with broccoli

I also snacked on some grapes, almonds, and a protein bar throughout the afternoon.

Dinner was a new one! During my grocery shopping at Whole Foods yesterday, I came upon these Mahi Mahi filets that were marinated in mango, orange, coconut and habanero pepper.  I usually save the seafood for dinners out or at my parents‘ house, but since these filets were on sale, I decided to splurge and indulge the seafood craving.

The lighting in my kitchen doesn't do this fish justice!

The lighting in my kitchen doesn’t do this fish justice!

I paired the fish with a salad, some home made sweet potato wedges, and green bean fries.  I made the green bean fries following Monica’s method.  It was a delicious and nutritious dinner!

I spend way too much time arranging the sweet potato wedges.

I ended the day with a piece of Valentine’s Day candy, courtesy of the padre.  Sweet!

What did you eat today?  Any recent grocery store splurges?

3 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday: Mahi Mahi Edition

  1. Those sweet potato fries look delicious! I had a whole lot of fruit veggies and lentil stew. Just stocked up on the essentials while grocery shopping this week – nothing too exciting :)

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