Six Things Saturday: TV Edition

Happy Saturday!  Thursday night I went to dinner with a friend, and we got to talking about some of our favorite TV shows.  I couldn’t believe she was telling me about some awesome shows I’d never even heard of! This conversation got me thinking about some of my favorite shows. My all-time favorite shows are: The West Wing, Friends, and 24.  All of these shows are old and off the air, but they will live forever on my DVR and DVD player!  But as for the new stuff, here are six shows I’m digging now!

Six things saturday

1.  Whitney


Sometimes this show is so real it’s awkward.  And hilarious.

2. Top Chef: Seattle 


Please don’t tell me who got eliminated this week and/or won Last Chance Kitchen, hubby and I haven’t watched it yet!  …And now I just jinxed myself, and will totally find out. Oh, well.

3. Go On


Chandler Bing, you’ll always have my heart.

4. Kourtney and Kim Take Miami


I confess to my guilty pleasure.

5.  How I Met Your Mother


But Ted had better meet the mother already!!!

I also dig Mad Men and The Newsroom, but they both haven’t come back with their new seasons yet.

What shows are you digging right now?

7 responses to “Six Things Saturday: TV Edition

  1. okay, i will forever and always be a hardcore Seinfeldian…i tend to reference that show too much. but i’ve also liked Whitney, she’s funny! thanks to Netflix i’ve discovered Arrested Development and i just got into Parks and Recreation.

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