The Poor Man’s Pinterest

I really have no reason for not having Pinterest.  I have nothing against it, I just haven’t quite gotten there yet.  So, in the spirit of the fun, motivational sayings and graphics that we all love, here are a few I’ve “poor man pinned,” aka just clicked on and dragged onto my desktop.  I have no idea where I found them or when I did.  I poor man pinned when it moved me!

So here’s a few of my poor man pins to put a little pep in your Friday!  And isn’t that really all we’re looking for in a Friday?









Do you like Pinterest?  Do I need to get pinning?

4 responses to “The Poor Man’s Pinterest

  1. Love this post! I do not have Pinterest either (we might be the only 2 people who don’t ;)). I already get side-tracked enough with all of the food blogs that I visit frequently. I definitely do not need another thing to be addicted to on my computer!!

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