Super Bowl Saturday: Dipping Into a Recipe Roundup

Good morning and happy Saturday!

One of the great things about the Internet is how it can bring so many like-minded people together to form a community. In the years I’ve been reading healthy-living blogs, I’ve been astounded at how much I’ve learned. There are so many wonderful, talented writers out there, and many of them have incredible recipes that have become staples in my house. So ahead of the big game tomorrow, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite Super Bowl-friendly links from around the blogosphere.  All of these are already gluten and dairy free, so simply enjoy!

Healthy Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip via Daily Garnish

This one is one of my all time favorite dip recipes.  It’s already dairy-free, but it can be adjusted to include it’s dairy-full counterparts.  It’s really easy and super healthy, so you won’t feel guilty about eating it!  It’s been a winner even among my gluten and dairy-tolerant friends.

Broccomole: Broccoli Guacamole via Domestic Fits

Photo Credit: Jackie Dodd

Photo Credit: Jackie Dodd

This is one I’m looking forward to trying myself!  It is easy to make dairy-free, and looks just as delicious as it is healthy! I won’t be too worried about over-snacking.

Creamy Spinach Dip via Whole Foods

Photo credit: Whole Foods

Photo credit: Whole Foods

The name for this dip is a bit misleading, because it’s really a Creamy Avocado Spinach Dip, and I think that will make all the difference!  Most “healthified” dips call for greek yogurt (which isn’t an option to those of us on a dairy-free diet), so the cannellini beans and avocado in this recipe are a welcome change!

Dairy Free Soy Free Queso/Cheese Sauce via Cooking Gluten (& Dairy) Free

This one would take a little more prep time, but if you are game, a yummy cheese sauce is something us dairy-free kids sorely miss!

Happy eating!

What are your favorite Super Bowl recipes? Have any fun links to share?

5 responses to “Super Bowl Saturday: Dipping Into a Recipe Roundup

  1. OMGosh all of these dips look amazing. It can be so difficult to find vegan alternatives to so many of my classic appetizer favorites. All of these certainly seem to fit the bill. Thanks for sharing :).

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